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Tissue Recovery Services

Progress in treating common and rare diseases often hinges on access to both normal and diseased human tissues. But these donated tissues are often in short supply. Our company works with a vast network of research institutes throughout the World to assist in the recovery of normal and disease tissue that will be used specifically for medical research. We also assist families who are interested in having their loved one donate normal and diseased tissue for the advancement of medical research by connecting you with various organizations. We will then assist in the recovery of the required tissue to be sent off for research purposes. We recover tissue all over the World and have a vast network of professionals we work with to assist us and the research center we are working with to ensure proper consent of family members, proper recovery of tissues, and proper shipment of tissue in a timely manner.

We are NOT an organ procurement organization. This requires strict guidelines put forth by the FDA of which we do not provide such services. Procurement services are for the recovery of tissue that will be used in living patients at a future date. Our services are for the recovery of tissue that will be sent off to a research center and used specifically for research and NOT organ/tissue donation for living patients.


Our organization works with researchers across the world. We are a tissue repository and have tissues available for research studies to qualified researchers and organizations. These tissues are held in different preservative solutions and in deep freezers. We can access these tissues at anytime and facilitate delivery to your organization. All tissues collected have been properly authorized for collection and for research purposes.

We can also develop protocols for recovery of tissues for research designed to your current needs. Contact us today to learn more.