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Our Commitment

Providing effective, efficient and accurate private pathology services and tissue recovery services is critical to its impact on families, public health and safety. National Autopsy Services LLC is committed to this end, and standing by this claim we pride ourselves on hiring only the best specialized experts in the field, who consistently meet the highest industry standards, and deliver on our commitment.

Our Unique Services

Our unique way of offering private autopsy services is traveling to the location of where you loved one is. We have a vast network of pathology professionals we work with that help deliver our services. Our basic fee for a full private autopsy is $3000.00. Travel expenses are added to this fee. We can usually respond and get to the location of your loved one within 1 or 2 days of the initial call. Limited autopsy examinations, such as chest/abdomen only, chest only, or head only cost less. Travel expenses are still added on to these cases as well. Please contact us for further details so we can learn more about your situation.

Your case will be handled by a pathologist and an epidemiologist. Both are highly trained professionals to analyze the cause and manner of death. Specifically, the issue is to find the "causation" of death, therefore having both a pathologist and epidemiologist analyze the case is best. This delivers to you a report showing the pathological states, be it injury and/or disease, along with understanding the exact causation of death, which is the training of an epidemiologist. To learn more about what epidemiology is, please see our section listed "Forensics".

Our Professional Staff

Our pathologists are board certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic, clinical, forensic, and/or neuropathology. All have performed thousands of autopsy examinations and are experienced in civil and criminal court testimony.

Our epidemiologists are board certified in Public Health, Infectious Disease and also practice Forensic Epidemiology, similar to Forensic Pathology. All have performed thousands of death investigation reviews to analyze causation of injury and/or disease. All have testified in court, for both criminal and civil matters.

Our Service Areas

Our private autopsy services and tissue recovery services extend throughout the United States and select international locations.


Neurosciences is a field that has made leaps and bounds in terms of advancements over the years. We specialize in assisting families and institutions in the recovery of nervous system tissue and recovery of the brain to help document neurological disease, help families understand the complexities of what their loved ones suffered from during life, and to further neurological research.

We are also active in teaching the neurosciences to help healthcare professionals understand the "pathological-clinical" correlation. That is, teaching them the pathology of neurological diseases so they can better asses patients clinically. Often times, clinically it is very difficult to discern what pathological processes are going on. With a brain autopsy, not only can the family benefit from understanding the pathology of the disease, but the clinician can also advance their clinical skills to help future neurological patients. We are committed to advancing the understanding of neurological disease through research by recovering normal and diseased brain tissue. We work with researchers across the world who need access to this type of tissue. Together, we are all helping to advance medicine through research.